Wednesday, 7 February 2018

MY PrayerTimes App for iOS, watchOS and tvOS

Alhamdulillah, I have released MY PrayerTimes app for iOS, watchOS and tvOS.

It's has some good feedback from family and friends when I shared it on my social network. It's quite heartwarming.

Overall the app is simple yet, has a crucial functionality which is can stay offline and the widget can be used all year around without having to sync with main app.

Now, because some other friend has done things like this, they asked how do I implement to get the data. My answer is to crawl the JAKIM website and export it as CSV file then loaded into the app.

And we have some trouble with the data. It's not consistent. And some are missing. By having the CSV files, I do again checked all the data to see the coherency of the data. Since it's format that is not UNIX type I can discern any oddities.

Other thing to use is the spare iPhone to manipulate the time. It's crucial to check on that particular date and time in the future to test the code is it right or not.

Recent problem after I released the app, I realize the some Zohor time can have 11:XX am time. So it's like a hybrid mode. For this, I made a special checking for Zohor if it's hour is 11 then I don't plus 12 hour. As normal, this app assume the data, is in 12hr, if not it will fix from 24hr to 12hr upon putting into the memory.

Also for tvOS I have change the background highlight color so it will be more visible on current time.

OK thanks for writing this. See you on the next post.

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