Tuesday 29 May 2018

AR Training

Hello guys,

So I recently join an workshop with my fellow friends at Arleta as a instructor for AR app development with Unity and Vuforia.

I have experience doing Unity with Vuforia to test out the Augmented Reality. I have deployed on my iPhone as well to test it out on device and work out wonderfully.

However the challenge was, I didn't have a modules at first, but with the help from previous Arleta team member, there was an old module that teach Frog Lifecycle. So base on that, I take the idea from Jigspace as an Augmented Reality platform for learning. What it's shine is using AR to conveying educational contents one-by-one by pressing next button.

Fast forward, the team and I did it. We had taught what it should to be taught in 2 days. And after that students have to build their own content and present. And the presentations by students were not bad at all. Many can use the core concept of AR. Moreover, there is excellent students who make use that with more solid AR idea, using 2D plan, and using AR to make it to 3D plan. How cool is that.

Yeah, I am satisfied with the modules we created. But it's specially created for educators and not neccessarily can code.

So maybe next time I can teach you how to make AR app with Unity and Vuforia.


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