Monday 7 May 2018

Why Business Owner to Make Mobile Apps

Hello everyone, it's already May in 2018, hopefully, you enjoy your time.

Today, I would like to share something about trending in our society. We are living in the smartphone generation believe it or not. Now everyone has one, or more maybe, but people are very sticking with their smartphones. Well in that sense we understand that how much important smartphone plays roles in our life.

Because of that, as a business owner, don't you think that mostly your customers are like them. Yes, it's.  With the right UIUX for your smartphone apps, making apps for your customer is a crucial path to succeed in having a mobile app. Not every app are created equal, the one with the best ingredient will win.

Let we zoom out a little bit, smartphone users are categorized into iOS and Android territories. About 84% of Android and 14% are on iOS in the world. iOS is powering the iPhones are the high-end segments, because the price of iPhone is relatively high. Especially the super high-end iPhone X, it's cost more than RM5000 a piece. And the other side, Android, also has the high-end segment, but it also sells mid and low-end segment. The cheapest one maybe you can get for RM300.

We understand that the duopoly of iOS and Android has segmented customer but both are important segments.

Now, why, and how it differs from another digital medium like a website and social media. We will go one by one.

When a customer Google something on the internet, and they find a website that is a quality customer. It's good because it's there because when they want to find them. However it's still lacking giving the latest information when they want to, and a customer will have a little issue to open the website easily.

Social media, it's the place where people want to pull more followers. It's a great place to obtain new customers. People usually will post great contents and sometimes pay for an advert. Well, that's good, you will engaging users and customers from social media. But when the followers are more than 50,000, owners have another issue where their reach is only about 3% of overall followers. Therefore, their messages to the customers sometimes not reached as intended. Well, this is the time the social make money by requiring owners to pay for more reach. At the same time, reportedly, customers from social media are needing more attention, thus as a customer, the quality is lower and leads to lower sales.

Okay, now we are into mobile apps. Really why?

First of all, mobile apps are fore loyal customers. Raving fan. They are waiting for your contents. This is the place we want to gather fans. Therefore owner can do more engagement with their raving fans. Compared to social media, the cost is more effective and possibly can increase the number of sales because of the better quality of customers.

Now apps are pretty powerful, why it is?

1. TREND: nowadays like stated before, we can not live without the smartphone, we are dying to connect on Whatsapp, Facebook and etc. We understand those apps are super-good, by making a super good app can also attract user into using other business apps that have the right ingredient for engaging customers.

Push notifications can help to reach your potential customers. The cost of push notification is almost zero, for those who subscribe for push notification. You may send unlimited push notifications for your raving customer, so they will never be missed your next content.

2. BRANDING: why not having your brand into your customer smartphone, they will remember you and will use you a lot when they find the app is easy to use, make their life easier, effective, fast, less buggy and works wonderfully.

3. SYSTEMIZE: you will have more system into your business. From online purchasing, events management, bookings etc. Everything is more systemize with mobile apps, the customer can sign-up we can make a profile of customers, the business owner can have more insights about their customers.

Alright, that are the key points why a business owner should have mobile apps. It's definitely not for all, but if you are in business growing category, definitely the quality mobile apps developer can help you to grow your business with the right mobile apps strategy.

And at iReka Soft we are striving to build quality apps, and more versatile, cross-platform with latest technologies like React Native so that the mobile apps maintainance can be lessen but the quality is great.

Thanks for reading and will see you on the next post.


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