Monday, 24 February 2020

UX Design Sprinting

I had chance to conducting a short UX Design Sprint at ••W Industries for their new mobile app which will integrated with current app for 'on-demand'-like system and mobile apps. 

There are about 10+ people participated, from few different departments: technical, marketing, call center and higher ups. 

The techniques of my UX Design Sprint is having :

- Using paper to be fold for 4 or 8 small screens.
- As the facilitator Process flow by the end-users's standpoint.

Here are take away from the session:
- At first, I have explained why we will doing the activity: based on the Goldilock principle it’s to use shortest time to get ‘good enough’ information or specs. 
- UX is not always about how beautiful the user interface design but rather the usability. Just draw simple shapes like rectangle or circle then add on some text for explanation are okay.
- ‘together alone’ way to note down ideas then share with the facilitator. The facilitator will take note from the unique ideas from participants. The result was the participants were engaging to give their solutions based on their own experience.

So currently we will bring the noted, sketches, process flow into a solid wireframe ( + design ) for next review.

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