Friday, 27 November 2015

[Video] 3 Questions for Yourself

Mindvalley is international-cultured company that eventually located in Malaysia. And it has an amazing workplace and culture. Founder of the company is Vishen Lakhiani.

What interesting is, his mission is to make education system better. Well, he envisioned that education system should bring the extraordinary within people rather than just create people that become a normal livingful people that work on 9-5.

In this video they talk about their spiritual insight of the year.

3 Questions to ask yourself;

1. When was the last time you experience 'heaven on earth'?

2. If you had a magic wand, you can wave that wand anything could happen, what would you want to wave that wand at to create 'heaven on earth'?

3. So, what can you now do that small and easily doable, that you can do today, to help you bring about your idea of 'heaven on earth'?

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