Saturday, 13 May 2017

Eagle and Website

Last post I had mention that I am 'pakar' right. Actually I was more 'pakar' than normal guy. Haha. Just kidding.

Yeah, really, even though you can be expert on some field, it can be tough, not exiting, boring time to get through to get it done.

But, what I discovered. With friend at CWS, there is better, easier, but can cost something, for designing responsive website. It's called Webflow, access it here.

It's a, nice, clean, codable, WYSWYG online editor. And I don't know the full potential yet, but it look promising. I have been watching YouTube videos about webflows and everything.

I tried on something like below.

I recreated Bootstrap layout structure effortlessly (not so lah) with Webflow in minutes, which is nice.

And by the way, I should do the Eagle Project. I should be tested on this Monday. The client rentlessly asked for us to do our own 'dummy API' with always correct API. Well he said so because the API documentation is already out before the actual API is 'live'.

So yeah, it can be a shocking at first. But it may might be a challenge. Creating my own endpoint, but the route is the same with the documentation, so it should be fine right. 

But yeah, the mood is not there yet. I am playing around with Webflow because of nothing. 

And also yeah, I am also working on smart '-' app which is will be presenting on this Tuesday.

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