Tuesday 23 August 2016

August Update

This month is independance month for Malaysia as we almost 59 years having such a wonderful independance.

For this month (August 2016) we have some update:

FaceClock Calendar 3.0

We finally launched this major update for this app. We rebuild from ground up to engineer for multitude of Apple iDevices from small iPhone SE to iPad Pro for best layout. The app is basically show analog clock and calendar.

New iReka Soft Blog

So we already have new blog page on iRekaSoft.com/blog. It's where we will share technical expertise so that many other can learn something about mobile tech. We touch about iOS development, Android and also about design. We have learn a lot from Design+Code course so far and that is some of the outcome that we want to share.


Upcoming apps, still many things in prototyping digital and natively. We find more inspiration to increase our drive to get things finish fast.

AppEmpire. We kind of inspired with this method. This is about app business. It's whole thing more than just creating apps. You need good user experience of the app. Think about user's lifestyle that can fit with your apps. And not forgetting the marketing part, how does it looks and magnetizing user to download our apps from other competitors. Think about how do users want to use the app over and over again to gain retention and loyalty. That's important when we want to add value that we can charge within in-app purchases.

Till then. Lot of things to study, develop, execute.

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