Friday 5 August 2016 Internal Web Update is build using WordPress. And it's supposed to be a blog website. But since beginning I use blog 'post' as app. And now, eventually when I want to use the website for blogging, there is mental block there. Until now.

In WordPress there is a lot of useful plug-ins. One of them is CPT-UI or Custom Post Type User Interface. So what it does is to use post as another 'type'. I created a new type called 'app'. Then, by using (another plug-in Convert Post Types, I transform all the post become 'app' type. By changing it, the page blank for a moment.

So there is a required skill to query newly created 'app' posts and properly show on apps page. And tadaa it works. What changes here externally is at the URL. So by addressing the app previously for example will become So it literally break all the URLs which I published many of the places especially on the App Store app page.

With this snippet at function.php it will redirects the old URL to the latest URL with /apps/. So this solution is by far the best I can get. At least no dead URL from previous link.

So you have it. The latest iteration of It's a long journey since it was build up. The back-bone is same but the UI has been changes wonderfully to modern responsive layout build with Bootstrap.

If you need custom apps or web please don't hesistate to fill up this form at

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