Sunday, 7 August 2016

Make Living with Mobile Business

What is my term about mobile business nowadays for me. In particularly in mobile apps which building, with hard earned skills and knowledge to develop mobile apps to help many people in the world in exchange for love and money.

At iReka Soft, we develop native (not naive) mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms to help people to solve many problem using their smartphones with mobile apps, either connected to network or not. And developing mobile apps are actually taking a lot of effort, time, patient, travel, skills and so many more to master the basic and to be able to work on any task within the range of expertise with 'industry standard' result.


For me the key to sustain in this industry as developer is having ability to understand 'code'. I firstly learn to code with HTML for web. Then going to Flash, then to PHP. On JAD (UNiSEL) program I learn about C. Then, learn Java in Tokyo University of Technology. Then I self-taught myself with Objective-C to develop for iOS platform. Lately I also learn about Swift. It's not a secret that coding can be intimidating for someone. Yes, it can be intimidating. As far as I learn code, code is a snippet of function and it has to be place correctly within the project. Code need to be perfect from syntax error. The code has to compilable, and also as good programmer, keep the code readable and comment out where it should be, make it looked like grouping with similar flow. In overall view, code, is just line of programming syntax. And what make it works is a group of right codes being together.

Here is some fundamental about code. Code is like essay. Like this. But we want a computer, particularly compiler to understand what we are writing about. So the master of computer, created the so called programming language, and some defined rules and instructions. So as programmer can instruct computer (nowadays smartphone is equally powerful, as we call it minicomputer) to do what-ever we want it to be for us. And this thing is only limited by the operating system on how much programmer can do. But, if the programmer is super clever they might can create their own library to do more than just given framework, which may need to take super long time and effort to do that.

For example prior to iOS 3.0 there was no Push Notification service on iOS. So how could programmer can ever do that. Well, almost impossible. Unless they had work for Apple, but as normal and rational developer, they will wait for the technology to get adapted properly by the OS. And in short programmer is capable to do many things, as it's inside the range of what the OS can support. See what is your app's intention and make research if the OS support it or not.

Well, that is what about programming and coding for us. It's really expensive and hard to learn, because things can get really boring, and frustrating when we don't have the right knowledge or good mentor. Nowadays the resources is more and have more quality, easier to understand, and have sense of humour to (like Besides that there is lot of good website providing tutorials and also Udemy sites that have course at good value. We are lucky to have tons amount of resources online.


Business is come from human which has problems. When there is problem, there is a need solution. Some of the key problem that human has is laziness. It's worth to innovate to make things easier and faster. And another problem human has (or might not a problem) is to incline towards beautiful object or design. So by having a good combination of both: solving human's problem plus having good beautiful object people will tend to purchase or to use the product. And of course there is a lot others reasons or factors why people use particular products.

It's super crucial for a business to create product that has demand or market for it. Without it, there will be no value transition between them.


As for me, I tend to develop things that is solving my problems. And about things that might be solving some other person's problem. Well, sometime I can't reach the real people who has the problems. And I most of the time make assumption they would like this feature and this, and this. It's be able to cut short the time and development time but I don't know was that really what people might need. Anyway by implementing analytics we can measure engagement of user, but only can be known afterwards.

Well, it can be said as hit or miss.

For doing business I can not do a lot of miss. I might have some success but, having a lot of miss is somewhat painful and demotivate my work for next project. I really want to have a good project from one to another. Small success can lead bigger success. Some apps that I created have good number of downloads but some other are not. Even, I thought it's better from previously created apps (which has better downloads).


To percieve what people want. Know the market. Reach the audience. Let them know. Let them asking. Let them fall in love, and so on.

Having to know what people want is pretty easy. Look at the market. There is tons of products that actually solves people's problems. Especially look at the top downloads. We can understand what is the trend, and what thing that people are looking.

Many of our downloads might come search. Search on particular keywords will bring our apps to the customers. When people look for a thing for solving their problem, probability to get relevant result is there.


This thing can, actually can might change your life if you know how. But fundamentally the products has to be good enough to make people happy.

... this topic in on investigation ...


Making an app can be making an assets if we publish it on our own, but there is stake on it. Will it hit or burn. It happen for many developers and mobile business owner. Thing maybe can be developed but there is need a lot of energy to build it, need inspiration and drive to make it happen.

In other way, developing for people in-front of us is safer. This category is clientele. They might or exactly know what they want. It might not solving any problems at all, but as developer we want to solve clientale's problems anyway. By working for clientele is good, helping them to achieve what they want or dream about.

Life is go on. And for iReka Soft, apps for life.

#keepitup #dontgiveup

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