Tuesday 30 August 2016

Uber-ify App Service

Recently Uber-ify services for everything is on rise. Uber for food, gas, car and many other things. And also brands are acknowledging that mobile app playing a role as a catalyst for their sales.

The key about Uber-ify is about real-time service and real time notification.

So, what so important having the app?

User experience. Well made app, with clear purpose and value added. Can make better user experience compared to website or mobile web.

Purchase instantly.

For product that may be being purchased one time only, web can get the job done. But the web has to behave like an 'Uber' app. Fast, straight to the point. No shopping cart, just go check-out. Simply put like a minisite rather than complex full-fledge e-commerce website.

What are the components of Uber-ify services?

Back-end, admin and mobile apps.

Start with MVP

Well, having everything in perfect condition is might take longer time and cost consuming. Having a lean product but start with the right strategy is important. Technically and operationally.

Operational has to understand how their operational works. And need to translate it into a system. A system is in on-line term can be managed on the admin and the back-end. They have the highest authority to control the system, create and remove any kind of things they need or don't need. They have to think about situation where customer can backfire them back.

The simpler is better, but make the jobs done. Which is increasing sales.

Admin and Back-end

Admin system is basically to manage the store. Prepare how much agents they has. Manage the agents accounts. Set the working hour, delivery time and most importantly the inventory.

Without inventory what would customer would like to have. Managing the inventory depends on the nature of business. Some like food and baverages require to use BOM system. Some other industries use simpler method. The admin need to manage the price for each inventory and its quantity.

Back-end system is technically manage the transaction runs smoothly and process any neccessary record for future's reference.

Admin need sort of notifications system, more than just form of email. Push notification on mobile or desktop will help. But responsible admin need need to know when they should be on stand by.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps is the window from customer to the business and the way to interact with agents. Customer not only can purchase but, the app can be personalized according to the user's tastes. In technical term, it's when user login, the data is persist, and the admin can do personalization based on user's behaviour.

Simple works better because, people are generally lazy. And by having simple easy to do purchase, sales will hopefully can be increased.

By using native mobile apps, the experience is much better than hybrid approach. And the information from is more accurate. This will prevent big loss in sending data to server which leads to bad user experience. Having a native apps not only speed up the process but lower the error compared to hybrid apps.


Having MVP can help business owner measure whether their business is fitted with Uber-ifying service. With marketing and technology budget, we can understand your customer behaviour. And might leads for success in app world.

There is more detail about running the Uber-ify service, but I am afraid that reader can't cope with the technical jargon, or very hard to explain terms. I will doing more write up on this matters.

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