Friday 12 August 2016

Cusomize Bootstrap Wordpress Theme on the Go!

When it comes to building websites, sometimes you need to create more complicated projects rather than simple blogs. WordPress does come with a great number of features, and with the help of the right plugins and themes, you can extend its functionality.

Loads of plugins or themes can help you do more with WordPress. You can find page builder plugins, specialized niche themes, and a lot more.

But the big question is: how do you locate a general solution that is simple enough to be usable, and powerful enough to actually let you create whatever you want, without wasting time learning a closed, proprietary and limited environment?

If that question has troubled you in the past, look no more. Today, we introduce you to a special WordPress theme: Bootstrap Building Engine for WordPress, or in short, BBE for WordPress.

Built upon the idea of contextuality, ease of use, and absence of limits, it’s the “page builder for the rest of us”.

BBE allows you to combine readymade responsive HTML components to build the web page as you want – while always retaining the ability to retouch the generated HTML code, live. Why would you need that – well, every professional webmaster, sooner or later, wants to have this kind of control – that’s why page builders have a quite bad reputation between PROs.

The ordinary page builder allows you to combine “bricks” that are not FULLY editable. With BBE, you are free to shape each and every brick the way you want.

Sounds interesting? Check out the BBE theme for WordPress right now!

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