Thursday 17 December 2015

2016 iReka Soft Planning I

2016. New year coming very soon. See what we think we want 2016 to be.

What to Keep Happend

Having apps that could attracts people to download is vital for us. And to keep using is more important.

We learn from our friends in this industry, what make them so goood. We are investigating, and the process is on going include on year of 2016.

Learning by doing.


Designing was not our equal strength to engineering. Even though, it supposedly to be very important in marketing, user perspective terms.

We are keen to build system, methodology to make the design process fun as possible. When thing is fun, we want to keep doing it.

What to Improve

We created a lot of experimental projects. Some are half baked. Some are lost, lost of goal ecetra. It's fun to create things to tickle our brains, test things are working out technically. See what is really possible.

In term of improvement, we have years of playing things, making things work, and have fundemental knowledge of anticipate things can be done or not. We just need a bit more experimentation to confirm it, in terms of accepting jobs.

Having to materialized more things, by doing research, phsychologically, marketability, what smartphone user are wanting for on their phone. We understand many things are already on the market, but how do we do to be more, or be different among others friends' stuff.

We must do better. Or at least be the best.

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