Tuesday 22 December 2015


WHY we do what we do.

I had an imagination back when I was kid, that mobile cell phone would be the next thing that human being is ever needed. "the thing" is more powerful than anything else, that is what we need. Thus, make "the thing" is so super powerful.

So, it was my anticipation that 'the thing' will be coming, i was waiting for the ultimate 'the thing', and i found out the answer when the iPhone came out. At first, I knew the possibility that mobile Windows or prior smartphone could be, but they just flawed. iPhone came in, but not perfected, until they got better with iPhone 3G, and next and next. It's just so miracle to have magical device that can help human being achieve what they couldnot achive before.

'It pushes human being'.

Imaging putting a book into a phone. Big book into a tiny phone into a pocket. You know book is huge knowledge, and you can bring it anywhere. Yes, it help people to be knowledgable at any given time.

Skill and Knowledge take Time

The vision is clear, to help people to more knowledgable, without having a great memory to remember everything. People can bring the knowledge everywhere.

Reality Check

People are hooked with social media. People are bombarded with tons of information, people don't know weather information is valuble or not. The quality is questionable.


There is shall not be a single app, that can help with this. It need environment. A platform that people can trust and choose to respect.


We anticipate the mobile device, and its capable to compute, and to connect to the internet is pretty amazing. And we know, other things are also getting its way to become mobile internet. It's so many things can be connected by at iReka Soft, we have to put our effort, focus on mobile devices. It's super powerful, we just did stretch the surface. We need more resource to realize our vision, great business model and marketing action plan are crucial to make this dream materialized.

We believe the power of mobile and connection.

We believe the power of mobile that can help to enhance people to be better person.

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