Friday 11 December 2015

New Android Apps

It has been busy days for developing iOS, but it has been a breeze way to publish apps.

Android console let you publish Android apps within hours, while Apple apps for week, or weeks if get rejected.

So we like to introduce yet another cool apps for your Android.

1. 101 Dreams

It's an app that you can use to write your dreams. It's not a simple todo list spinoff, it has science in it. We guide you how to write better dreams. By having good dream writing your dreams are not just dream, you will be living with your dreams.

Google Play:

2. Superfood

It's an essential book for those who looking for healthy foods.

Google Play:


For book app, we think there is no easier way to publish app on Google Play. We will keep publishing on Google Play as soon as we have new resources. We will also publish on App Store if we think it worth to use some of time to publish it on the store. It just need more extra time to upload, and week to wait into the store before we can talk, share about it on the media social etc.

* In conjunction of new year 2016. Let's have better wish for the new year, write it on 101 Dreams.

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