Tuesday, 26 January 2016

TryDesign - App Icon for Relax Melodies

I feel relaxed when listening to Celtic Ride on Relax Melodies app. The music touches the soul of people :).

So today, I would like to (hopefully can touch) try design the icon for relax melodies. The challenge for the app icon is, the icon is a great realistic illustration. As 'programmer artist' probably a little bit, felt challenged to do that, if I want to be full blown artist, I need to have the Wacom. Anyway I just use my trackpad on MacBook Air.

You know, I don't want to make excuses, ehem, try try at my level best, ok. So, the most left icon is the original icon. It has music water drop. Oh, my, very detail right?

Hmm. So the leaf, form a new logo, kind of cool. By the way, by removing some leaves we got something freshier like the below. 

Wasn't that more refreshing. Yaww!

Update on 27 Jan. I added the remordenizing the UI for the app main page. Looks more refreshed.

If you have problem to sleep, like I do, go to http://helpmetosleep.org.

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