Saturday, 23 January 2016

TryDesign - Non-TableViewSettings Page

Many apps out there using table view for settings including us. For many of our apps like FaceClock series and new one Presentation Timer, using table view is no brainer. It's simple, flexible and multi purpose. But today I would like to try designing a non-table view layout as settings page (should I call it page for app?). Here is settings from app called Wake by TinyHands.

* The setup is using Sketch app, designing at 2x resolution. *

Lets try design the speaker. It's easy for the core part, but hard for the wave. So at first try I use 45degree square then cut it out how ever the result is looked distorted. 

Next, I try with oval shape. Then, cutted it until become the nicer wave.

Well, that is the wrap. Not all icon I tried to redesign, some elements like battery, iPhone and shop. Others are from another library. Some of them are by Code+Design website, check it out it pretty awesome.

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