Sunday, 31 January 2016

TryDesign - PhotoGrid

Tonight I would like to redefine an app called Photo Grid, it's a universal app that works on iPhone as well on iPad. But, I would like to optimize the app for iPad because, it seems not use the flexibility of multi-orientation on iPad that should be utilize.

Lets started with the app icon.

Almost the same. Easily replicable with Sketch. The base green, red, blue, yellow as similar to Google, Microsoft logo color pellete.

The process of making gear icon:

Rectangle > Transform > Rotate Copies > Oval > Union > More oval > Subtract. For this theme, we remove the fill, and change the outline to white.

Here is the main layout. What I want to see is the app support horizontal layout. (Left the original -> my redesign on Sketch). The gradients color box below represent the poster, that should be replaced with some inspirational photo that can be made with this app.

First Iteration

Second Iteration: Main Page

Add Some Pics to Edit

Editing mode

So the editing mode, technically with this depth of editing. It's not easy to develop right. And the canvas having the image. Resizable etc. 

It's a long time persue. 

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