Friday, 29 January 2016

TryDesign - Red Clock Settings

Hey, this is yet another post on designing with Sketch app. As you may know Sketch app is an exclusive app for Mac for designing production user interface element. I used to use Adobe Illustrator, but the tool is much more suitable for vector illustration, games and so on. For user interface, apps UI, web UI, and other apps related design this Sketch app tool is highly recommended.

Sketch app actually looks pretty simple but quite powerful, as almost capable to do what ever it takes to design something wonderful, modern and stylish. Yes, lets go on for this post with yet anohter app that I try to redesign using Sketch. I try to sketch my skill on using this tool which is pretty new for me. So probably by doing this hand excercise, I would expand my skill and tricks with Sketch

This app is kindof a competitor to FaceClock by the way. Lets learn something from them.

* To see the amount of work that need to be done.*

Segmented Control

I use the provided control from Sketch template, however it is only have 3 elements, but we need 5, so here the technique I use.

Some good reference :

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